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And so far, it seems like a winner… polyrhythm drums are nice and arpeggiators for the sequencers will be very handy. If you click the cheat sheet up there, you can download a pdf for your own BSP cheater.

Bug fixes
Chains are properly handled in reverse mode
Program changes are now properly handled when “Wait to load pattern” is off

V 2.0.0
New features
SHIFT + Step 2 = Clear steps in selected track
SHIFT + Step 9 (in Controller Mode) = Switch between Roller and Looper, affects Controller Mode and the three sequencers. Roller in melodic mode is an arpeggiator that plays notes in the order where they were pressed.
SHIFT + Step 14 (Controller Mode) = Wait to load pattern
SHIFT + Step 15 (Controller Mode) = Global Tempo
SHIFT + Step 16 (Drum Mode) = Polyrhythm
BeatStep Pro is Synchronizable with Volcas
Create longer notes in the drum sequencer using Ties
Scales are now applied after the sequence
Ability to enter notes in melodic sequencer by hitting a pad then tapping one or multiple steps.
Set MIDI Channel as part of the Drum Map. Each pad can be set to User Channel or to a fixed channel between 1 and 16.
Create a mode where random will only randomize the octave of the notes and not the notes in Sequencer 1 & 2.
Velocity CV Out can now be attenuated from the MCC
Set custom length for each drum track using Polyrhythm
Scenes mode : A Scene contains a pattern or a chain for Sequencer 1, Sequencer 2 and Drum that can be instantly recalled. There are 16 available Scenes.
Change the looper start point in the sequence by pressing steps
Fast Tie mode now available in Drum Sequencer. Fast Ties get applied after a short time.


Bug fixes
Shift + Swing now properly work together
Pad velocity in Controller Mode now functional
Pads now light up when setting Program Changes
Knobs can now be set to control Aftertouch in Controller Mode
Selected Pad of Drum Sequencer is properly lit in Real-Time recording
Step + Pad now working with Drums sequencer with record active
Pressing step buttons to change Project doesn’t send unwanted CC messages
No more crashes on pattern change after external transpose with transpose link
Improvements to HUI protocol when using Pro Tools 10
Sequences are now properly updated with Preset Link
First pattern of a chain is now played once when Wait to Load Pattern = Off
Transpose link + chaining pattern now properly work together
No more stuck notes on Stop/Pause using analog clock
No more drifting of the MIDI clock output when using internal clock
No more notes jumped when using the Looper with MIDI, USB or Clk Sync
Exiting Looper now plays the right note information
Control mode = Knob jumping from 127 to 0 with slow acceleration


Go to to get yours. You may as well get your new version of Midi Control Center, too.

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