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I play on the synthesizer all the time, but don’t always record it. This time I made a groove I liked, and recorded it in Reaper.

Long before I recorded anything, I spent a lot of time on the Beatstep pro devising 16-step sequences that worked well together to create harmonies and rudimentary counterpoints. When I got a few I liked, I extended them all to 64 steps, then made slight variations to them by silencing individual steps, or adding a few, and tweaking their notes.


I used the little Qunexus keyboard to play another voice.

All in all, there were 6 voices at play here:
1 – Sequence 1 from BSP controlling a Braids VCO2 – Seq 2 from BSP controlling a voice mixed from the Z3000 and Analogue Solutions VCOs running thru an E440 filter
3 – all 8 gates out feeding a Delptronics Little Drummer Boy which fed into an E560 Deflector Shield frequency shifter (I like the sound of pitch-shifted drums)
4 – a voice played on the keyboard controlling an E350 Morphing Terrarium whose Morph X was modulated by a very attenuated LFO
5 – tElharmonic knob-twisted manually
6 – Clips from a Radio Music going into a Doepfer phase shifter which feeds a Synthrotek Echo

ldb(8 gates going from the BSP to the LDB-1)

I’m a big believer in buffered multiples to distribute CV’s and mixers to bring all the voices to the final output. I can handle 9 voices mixed for output.

Here’s “Listen to me.”

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